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David West

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Beschreibung Some knights were women -- did you know that? And thats not the only surprising act in this intriguing book which is perfectly geared to excite children's interestAutorentext David West is a graphic designer, illustrator and author of children's information books. He has produced over 500 titles on subjects ranging from dinosaurs and mythology to technology and science. Some of his best known titles include Brain Surgery for Beginners, Fifty Three and a Half Things that Changed the World and Dinosaurs in My Street. David went to art school in Kingston-upon-Thames and Harrow, where he specialised in information graphics. He lives in south west London with his wife, two sons, a cat and a goldfish who's over 14 years old. When he's not illustrating, writing and designing he can be found fishing for salmon in Scottish rivers or painting portraits for fun.Klappentext High-interest topics for curious kids who want to know more about fou of the most dangerous jobs in history!

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